4 de jun de 2018

Mergers & Acquisition Lawyer Needed

Dear Counsel,

Barrister Hingorani Jeevan is my name and i represent a company here in Hong Kong. My client wants to engage the services of an experienced Merger&Acquisition Lawyer in your jurisdiction for an acquisition transaction that is to happen soon.

Kindly confirm if you practise in this area, but if not i would appreciate if you can refer me to any attorney that does so we can discuss further on the transaction.

I await to hear from you so as to give you more details and connect you with my client accordingly. Email me at: marketing@timah.com.sg

Thanks for your time.


Barrister Hingorani Jeevan
Tower Chambers
15/F, New World Tower 2, 18 Queens Rd Central, H.K.
Tel No : 25212555
Fax No : 28106087
E-mail : marketing@timah.com.sg

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