27 de jun de 2018

I Need a U.S Based Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer Urgently.

Dear Distinguished Counsel,

Special greetings,from the people of Hong Kong, Barrister Poon Kevin H.M. is my name and i constitue a superior authority over a company here in Hong Kong. A client of mine wants to engage the services of an experienced Merger&Acquisition Lawyer Based in the United States for an M&A transaction that is to commence/executed soon.

Kindly confirm/indicate if you practise within this area, but if not i would appreciate if you can refer me to any attorney that does, so we can engage in indepth discusion on the transaction.

I await to hear from you so as to furnish you with intricate details and get you acquainted with my client accordingly.

Thanks for your time.


Poon Kevin H.M.
Tower Chambers
15/F, New World Tower 2, 18 Queens Rd Central, H.K.
Tel No : 25212555
Fax No : 28106087
email : kevinpoon@towerchambers.net

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